Pines #3/4 & #1 Tube & Pipe Benders
Pressure Die Assist Assembly

We offer a “PDA” Assembly upgrade package for your Pines #¾ or #1 tube and pipe bender to help your machine bend tight radius, stainless steel, and thin wall tubing applications with improved quality while reducing wall thinning. We incorporate a low profile design with an in-line cylinder actuation which is available in various standard and non-standard stroke lengths. Packages can also include hydraulic valve bank and control interface upgrades for machines which were built with a standard free floating pressure die holder.

These assemblies can also be equipped with linear encoding sensors and a proportional valve bank for speed control with CNC machine controllers.


(L.H. Machines)


15052-34600-18IN 15052-34601-18IN 18” Stroke Pressure Die Assist (PDA) Assembly – Mechanical Only
15052-34600-24IN 15052-34601-24IN 24” Stroke Pressure Die Assist (PDA) Assembly – Mechanical Only

15052-34601-xxIN Special Length Stroke PDA Assembly – Mechanical Only
15052-34600-HVB 15052-34600-HVB Hydraulic Valve Bank & Control Interface Package for PDA Ass’y

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